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Do you want to move from selling products to building solid commercial relationships
with your clients?

Your distribution strategy lacks the sparks to take you to the next level?

Your sales team is struggling to find the right level of collaboration to unlock new business opportunities? 

You have excellent managers but need a coach for your people?

One of your best employees is going through a rough patch and needs support?

Here is what I can do

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As a Corporate Mentor
I will:

draws on a career in business development that began in 1988.

The combination of my long experience of selling financial products in all market conditions and my coaching skills make me the ideal facilitator to spar with your sales team to plan, review or reinvent your sales strategy.

With my extensive network, I can connect you to a wide range of professionals and experts who can assist you in testing new ideas.

I bring a fresh perspective to your board. 

Together we will leave no stone unturned in exploring innovative strategies and ensuring that every aspect of your sales strategy is thoroughly reviewed by your team with my support.

My Coaching will support and motivate your people

When working with individuals or teams, I begin by creating with them

a confidential space for an effective, results-oriented and future-focused conversation.

In this relationship your people are the experts on the content, they will be responsible for any decision and I am the expert in professionally facilitating the process. Together we will create an environment where the professionals involved can unleash the power of their thinking process.

We will create a conversation that leads to change.

I will increase the level of motivation, facilitate integration and collaboration, support the definition of ambitious plans to unlock a future of success in line with your long term strategy. 

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Sometimes you may want me to use my life and career experience to help your people make decisions. They may want to hear my experience to focus their thinking.

You may want me to share with your people my in-depth knowledge of the sales process, how to manage and motivate people.

Depending on what stage your business development strategy is at, they may find it helpful to discuss the coherence of their own plans with someone who has seen it all.

(see my LinkedIn)

You will dig into:

  • 36 years of corporate life, primarily in finance,

  • Business development expertise,

  • Multicultural,

  • People person, people believer.

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