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" True life is lived when tiny changes occur "


About me 

I enable professionals, young professionals and graduates to define their path to a fulfilling and successful working life. To be who they want to be by finding the right balance in life.

Sometimes my clients face big decisions, sometimes they are overwhelmed by alternatives and end up stuck, indecisive or procrastinating. Other times, family, colleagues, friends and other stakeholders create real or perceived limitations that slow down my clients' ability to reach their full potential.

Together we can create a space that supports you to move towards your ideal work/life balance through the big and small changes you will be able to identify during our sessions.

What will you find in me:

  • 36 years of corporate life in finance

  • International business development expertise

  • Multicultural family

  • Lived in 4 different European countries

  • People person, people believer

  • Constant personal and professional development

I practice in English, Italian and soon in German.

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As a volunteer mentor in the Mentoring Programme of the University of St.Gallen, Roberto is committed to our students with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He shares his experience and knowledge wisely and makes an important contribution to a new and motivated generation of professionals. We thank you for your open-mindedness and honest feedback, which helps our students to solve their personal challenges.

Carolin König, Head of Mentoring Programme, University of St.Gallen

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